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Lesson 16
Card with text effects
made with PSPX2

Level: PSP basic knowledges
This tutorial was written by Sharlimar and is grown out of her own phantasy.
The copyright herefor is subject to Sharlimar. Similaryties are accidentally and
not intended.
It may not be copied nor offered for download on other websites.


1 flower tube - Receive it HERE

1. step

File - New image transparent 500 x 380 px
Floodfill with a color of your choice. Sharlimar used # 7b0709

2. step

Layers - New rasterlayer
Selection - Select all
Selection - Modify - Contract 8 px
Selection - Invert
Floodfill with your color or # 7b0709
Adjust - Add/Remove noise - Add noise

Effects - 3D effects - Dropshadow

Selection - Deselect.

3. step

Open supply - Tube1276_red_Flower_8_08_sdt
and paste as a new layer
Image - Resize to 70 % - All layers not checked.
Move the tube to the lower left border.
Layers - Arrange - Arrange down
Effects - 3D effects - Dropshadow

4. step

Layers - New rasterlayer
Text tool - Font Comic Sans MS - Size 22 - Bold and cursive - Linestrength 0
Make as a selection

Type now the following text:

Geburtstag ist ein schönes Fest,
an dem man sich gern feiern lässt.
Drum wünsch ich Dir für diesen Tag,
dass Sonne Dich erfreuen mag.
Gesund, Glück, zufrieden sein
schließ ich in meinen Glückwunsch ein.

(This is a special german poem which is
not translateable into english)

Effects - 3D effects - Cutout

Effects - 3D effects - Dropshadow

Selection - Deselect
Effects - Edge effects - Enhance
Move it centered

5. step

Layers - New rasterlayer
Text tool - Type now with the above mentioned settings
your name. Repeat all effects as mentioned in step 4.

6. step

Who like can decorate the image with some decorations.
Layers - Merge - Merge all
Save your image as a JPEG file.

Well now you have finished your little exercise. Sharlimar
and hope that everything was understandable for you.
For questions or problems e-mail me at HARTMUT.

of Sharlimar Graphics

Hhenry1953 -Hartmut-

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